Top 5 Marketing Analytics Tool To Help You Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing Analytics Tool

Digital marketing is the talk of the town nowadays because every single online business relies on it. The better your marketing strategies are, the more people will know about your business and that’s how you’ll end up earning loyal customers. It sounds like a simple process but if we dig deeper into the technicalities, things are a little complex. Especially when it comes to marketing, it’s not just about planning a campaign or using paid ads to get traffic. A marketer has to dig deep, conduct research, study the market and then use all the data to plan campaigns. 

For a marketer, data is the best friend. Without data, a marketer can’t tell if his campaigns are working or not, he cannot diagnose any potential problems or identify the areas that he needs to work on to get results.

Luckily, collecting this data and analyzing your marketing campaigns is now way easier than it was ever before. We now have dozens of different marketing analytics tools to boost our marketing efforts. 

Here are 5 of the best ones that really can make a difference for you;

1-Google Analytics 

One of the best analytics tools you can use on your website is Google Analytics. This tool can help you track down the traffic on your website, you can learn about your visitors and where they came from and how they landed on your site. 

Marketers can integrate Google Analytics with other tools too like Google Data Studio or Google AdWords. This will help them conduct a deeper and much detailed analysis of their marketing data. It doesn’t matter what kind of a business website you run, even if it’s an animation production website, you should really start using Google Analytics! 


The ultimate goal of MixPanel is to track down the events on your websites and mobile applications. This is the best way to know what your visitors do when they visit your site or app. All you have to do is to add an event on MixPanel and then you’ll be able to see the trends related to it along with the users who used those trends. The best thing about this marketing analytics tool is that you can use its free version. If the free version makes sense to you, you can then buy any of the two plans offered by MixPanel that have more features in them. 


The short answer to what SEMRush does is that it helps you learn about your competitors which is extremely important for a business to succeed. This tool can help you by giving you solutions on how to outrank your competitors in the search results. Moreover, with this tool you can monitor your competitor’s social media activities and all of what they do online with their brand. 

Not just this but SEMRush can also be used to track down your own business. It provides an analytics report that shows the keywords being used by your competitors in their AdWord campaigns. You can later use those keywords yourself in your campaigns to rank high! 


For social media analysis and content analysis, BuzzSumo is the best and the most versatile tool to use. This tool provides reports on the trending social media topics. Furthermore, BuzzSumo helps you with advanced keyword research, it can help you with content type filters, provide you backlink information  and it also offers some real time influencer marketing features.

It’s a paid tool but it’s worth using if you really want to get somewhere with your marketing strategies. There are three plans you can choose with BuzzSumo, the cheapest one starts at $99. 


With Cyfe you can easily collect data and integrate it from different marketing tools and then see it all at one platform. Moreover, this tool can be used to track down all of your social media marketing platforms, your pay per click channels and even your sales channels. With its pre-built widgets you connect your Cyfe account with Google Analytics, SalesForce and Google AdWords accounts. Once you collect all the data you need, Cyfe will then display it on a dashboard for you to study it properly. As far as the subscriptions are concerned, there’s a free plan and three other paid plans for Cyfe. If you want to use its premium features, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee for it. 

Why Do You Need Marketing Analytics Tools?

It is of utmost importance to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and this is where these marketing analytics tools come in handy. With these tools you can prove your worth and improve your efforts to get your desired results. Running an online marketing campaign without monitoring its progress or user response will lead you to a dead end.

Using the right analytics tool can give you all the details you need to improve your campaign or change its course if it’s not working for you. With such tools it’s easier for marketers to operate as they get detailed data reports, they get to track their campaigns success and on top of everything else, these tools help marketers perform competitive analysis.

Final Word 

A marketing analytics tool is more like an investment you make to be successful with your marketing campaigns. Using one is quite critical for success so without giving it a second thought, pick any one of the above mentioned tools and start integrating it for best results.