Top Venus Viva Treatment Facts that You Should Know About

Venus Viva Treatment

Looking beautiful is your birthright and that’s why skin treatments are quite popular among women. There are plenty of skin treatments out there that promise good results, but skin resurfacing is still the most popular method in beauty clinics. It is widely used to deal with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, rosacea, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and to improve other skin imperfections.

However, there’s a new technology named “Venus Viva” that promises even better results. It uses Nano Fractional radio frequency with Smart Scan technology. It is a fractional resurfacing system that makes the Venus Viva Treatment highly effective even against severe skin damage. Below you can find some of the unique facts about this treatment, that can help you make a decision. 

A fully custom Treatment 

A lot of people argue about the method of skin treatments and often comment that skin treatment is rather a painful procedure. Well, the latest Venus Viva is here to surprise you because it greatly takes into account the comfort of the patients. It allows you to control both power and pulse duration.

It is a widely known fact that controlling the tailoring the Nano Fractional radio frequency intensity to the patient’s requirements makes the procedure more comfortable. That’s what it does and that makes it surprisingly distinct from the rest of the skincare solutions out there. All you need is the right expert with the right skills to get it done and for that, you might have to come out of your comfort zone to find a perfect match.  

Revolutionary technology 

Venus Viva is a state-of-the-art procedure and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the next generation solution for skincare. Its Nano Fractional technology and two different pin densities and energy intensities make it not only unique but better than previous skincare solutions. It also comes with the Smart Scan technology that allows greater energy penetration, flexible treatment sizes, provide improved energy delivery.

Which makes it a lot safer as compared to the previous solutions. In short, this technology is developed to cover up the challenges faced by previous skincare technologies. It is a revolutionary technology that has completely changed the world of skincare for good. All you need is a positive profiled skincare center to start the treatment.  

Safe for all skin types

One of the strongest arguments against skincare treatments is the diversity of skins. Different people have different skins which greatly matters for the effectiveness of the treatment. A treatment might be generating good results until it meets a different skin type. Don’t worry though, these worries are going to be a part of history with the brand-new Venus Viva Treatment.

The experts claim that it is equally effective for all kinds of skins. It offers a unique solution to the patients and addresses their unique tone and texture with minimal adverse effects. Venus Viva has a lower incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). So, rather than getting into the complex and detailed procedure with the old tech, it is time for a change especially when you can change it for good. 

Unique applicator

As you are very well aware that skincare technology is based on applicators. Venus Viva has a very unique applicator and its two pins make it not only unique but effective as well. The applicator is easy and ergonomic to use, which makes the skin resurfacing procedures a lot easier for you and for the patients as well.

It comes with two tip options; one is known as 8o pin tip and the second one is known as 16o pin tip that makes the treatment greatly customizable. The use of both pins enables you to improve the appearance of both mild and severe skin conditions. However, the selection of experts greatly matters. If you want your skin to be better than ever, then a good treatment center is a must.  

Next level Smart Scan technology

Skincare technology has faced great challenges over time and one of the biggest challenges of all time is the uniform delivery of energy. In order to deliver a uniform energy distribution, first, the system should sense and analyze the skin with perfection. That’s what is covered by the Smart Scan of Venus Viva Treatment. This technology uses a unique algorithm to generate a randomized pattern to ensure an optimal distribution of energy on the targeted area.

With the help of this latest scan technology, you can target the different levels of ablation and coagulation of the epidermis and dermis at one time that facilitates the even distribution. Just make sure you choose the right treatment center that has both an experienced and skilled team of experts at their disposal. 

Skincare is of the biggest challenges for women and men and technology is meeting new heights every day. However, the selection of a suitable procedure still matters. That’s why before you approach a treatment center carelessly, consult an expert that has vast knowledge in skincare.

Because the selection of an inappropriate procedure might not turn out as you expect it. Increasing your knowledge or updating it, can help you find an optimal skincare solution and for that you can find a lot of data online as well.