Ways to Get Extended Warranty for TV and AC!


Extended warranties are always beneficial. Mainly talking about the Extended Warranty for TV and electronic devices OR Home appliances that we are using in the current scenario. Despite its incompleteness, you still get a lot. Although you may pay a premium, the benefits can be significant in the long run.


Extended warranties can be a great idea to get an additional warranty apart from the original warranty of the mobile or washing machine that you buy. However, you need to know its pros and cons to get here.

Extended warranty extends the manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. With a relatively small investment, you are covered if your product fails mechanically or electrically. An Extended Warranty is a warranty that covers all defects and malfunctions as covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.

Even though the coverage can be availed as often as needed, the amount of coverage is only up to the device’s invoice value. Your television and AC may last longer if you purchase an extended warranty for TV and an extended warranty for AC.

What are the reasons for purchasing extended warranty insurance?

When you purchase any electronic product, you devote a significant amount of time comparing it with others. Exactly why? It should also be able to be used for a long time.

Manufacturers also provide limited warranties on their spare parts and components to keep the risk low. Having a manufacturer’s warranty extension allows you to extend the benefits provided by the manufacturer.

The gadgets and appliances you have can still be used without having to worry about repairs or replacements. Investing in this private club can maximize your return on your investment.

Benefits of Extended Warranty

Replacement and repair: Manufacturers provide warranties for all consumer durables. For most parts, this warranty lasts between six and twelve months. The Extended warranty coverage includes repairing assets after the warranty period has expired. Likewise, replacement may also be available under your policy if no repairs can be done.


The price of an asset should not be the only deciding factor, but also its cost of operation and maintenance. Periodic servicing is required to maintain the efficiency of home appliances.

Service costs are covered under extended warranty insurance. Having an expert on hand can lead to lower chances of breakdown due to not worrying about charges.

Plan flexibility:

A flexible insurance cover is included in extended warranty packages. Choose a policy for only three years, for instance. Depending on the asset’s condition and your requirements, it can be tailored to meet your needs.

A home visit is free when claiming: You can obtain extended warranty insurance by paying a fee that waives the inspection charges you have to pay at the time of a claim. You need only file a claim for repairs, and your insurer covers these expenses.

Invoice coverage:

Benefits from an extended warranty can give you a warranty cover that extends up to the invoice value of your product. By doing so, the product may also last for a long period. So do not concern yourself with repairs and malfunctions, but make sure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Purchase later:

Extended warranty coverage offers the advantage of not needing to be purchased at the time of purchase. Certain extended warranty insurance providers offer the option of purchasing an extended warranty at a later period within six months of the invoice date.

Extended Warranty for AC

The extended warranty for AC ensures a long lifespan. The repair cost of your unit is likely to be too high unless you keep much cash on hand. There are only a few items covered in traditional warranties, and they’re only valid for a limited amount of time. The extended warranty covers more and lasts longer than the standard warranty.

Extended Warranty for TV

So, is an extended warranty for TV worth it? Extended Warranty goes beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty and offers a fixed-price insurance plan. As an add-on option, most televisions come with one of these policies. If a buyer’s expensive TV system fails, the insurance policy provides financial protection.

Final Words:

An extended warranty for TV generally covers maintenance, free replacement, no-cost repairs, and surge protection. For many such policies, you can even get in-home service and pick up your defective product.

It means that you won’t have to move your heavy TV back to the store. However, if you have an extended warranty for AC, you may not have any problems with your air conditioner unit.

Whether your air conditioning unit breaks down or not, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are covered, and someone can be available to help you whenever you need replacement of the entire component or repairing. An extended warranty can be a great investment in these situations.