We Analyzed Students And Here’s What We Found


Analyzing a student throughout the year is very important. This is the only way a student comes to know that what was learned and at which level abilities stand through testing and evaluating students. The Pakistan education system ranks students on marks. But the international O-Levels, A-Level, IGCSE, GCSE, system works with grades like A+, A, B, C, or D. All international qualification examinations were conducted under the board of Cambridge IGCSE and the UK GCSE Edexcel.

The traditional style of O-Level Students

In traditional style, the future of a student was decided by the parents. Students who have to do O-Levels take extra classes and improve so many skills from the beginning of academic years. Later, when a student starts entering in O-Level, keeps taking extra classes from different tutors. Before Covid, highly qualified teachers were higher by the elite class or middle-class parents. They charged very high for the preparation of different difficult O-Level subjects. It was difficult to keep track of each activity with these teachers. But due to Covid and till now online learning caters to massive fame all around the world. It changed the students’ thinking perspective. Many Academies provide and give guidelines to O-Level Learners. Now in the pandemic, the same academies are providing online coaching to O-Level, A-Level, and other international qualifications to students.  Learners Academy is one of them you can check all the details from these academies from this link https://learnersacademy.com.pk/

Learners Academy is one of those academies that are providing complete insight for Cambridge Preparation to the learners.

Learners Academy is perfect for O-Levels

This academy was established in 2016. Throughout these years with the excellent performance, they enhance a very strong reputation among students. They are providing O-Level full support and guidelines to the students. They are educating through VLE, High-quality material, and very well-trained teachers.

Engaging online students attention for admission in O-Levels tuition

When you establish a new business or begin a learning program like Learners academy, keep these points in your mind and then get the desired results.

·           Campaign it well before time

Promotion should be done before 3, 4 months of the final exams promotion.

·           Know your clients

In your academy, you should know your students and should know what type of courses you’re offering them.

·           Facilitate with essentials

Provide all the needed essentials to the students. Teachers, sources, and a very strong evaluating system.

·           Keep updating

In the learning campus, the same things keep your market value low. So, keep updating all the essentials you are providing to students.

·           Use of advanced technology tools

Now a day’s online technology is used to provide in-depth insight into the knowledge. The latest animation and digital gages keep the attention level high. Innovative content helps students to pay attention more than the same old style teaching methodology.

·           Personalized as per customer needs

Customers mean students. So, keep updating your whole setup according to your students. Like if you are providing O-Level service then the whole setup or system develops accordingly.

·           Upgrade latest records

Keep up all your student’s information from old to new. The collection of data provides the institution great support while introducing the new year’s calendar. Keep sending emails and all other information data for the latest update programs offered in the academy.

·           Stay in touch with parents

Parents are a very important component in this business. Stay in touch and monthly take feedback from a parent regarding your institutional performance. If you have adult educational programs they make a What’s app group for all students, keep sending updates to old and new students regarding your academy’s upcoming courses.

Key Points for students taking online tuition

O-Level is not an easy task. Especially if a student is willing to take A+ grades in all subjects. For that, you need to work hard and work smarter.

Students taking online tuition need to consider these points for the best results. These points are given below.

·           Regular attendance and presence in all the online classes.

·           Listen to your online tutor carefully and note down all points.

·           Do assignments and other given projects carefully and on time.

·           In-depth research for each subject or topic

·           Read the topic beforehand so that you can understand it well during the lecture.

·           Ask Questions where needed.

·           Give your full attention and focus on the subject which you’re learning and taking online classes.

·           Give comments where needed and keep participating in online forums.

·           Revising and repeating topics daily. Divide your time wisely and revise everything daily.

·           Although you can get all good and prepared notes from your online tutor, still need is to read and reproduce your handwritten notes.

·           Write important points on all the topics. This step will help you to recall all the work before the exam day.

Thus, In a student’s initial educational stage, when you are taking steps towards your goals. Working hard to achieve your targets. You as a student need so many instructions at the beginning of the year. In all those cases Learners academy provides incredible help to students.