What are the Benefits of Virtual Events?

Virtual Events

Virtual events are clearly becoming the new normal amid the constant rise of covid-19 cases. It has become a distinctive software that everybody is using today to gain what they have lost during the challenging times of nationwide lockdown. But why are virtual event platforms becoming a powerful tool in the digital marketing arsenal? Ever thought about that? No? Alright, here’s why!

Virtual events have provided such empowering results to multi-national and local companies which physical events couldn’t provide during it’s time of popularity. It enabled organisations to meet potential customers from all over the world and network with them seamlessly.

It removed all the hustle and bustle which was once very common while attending a traditional event. No more investing time on traveling, no more overdue expenses on hotel stays and food and drinks. You can simply connect with people from your home and keep yourself safe while the world is still vigorously fighting with the virus.

For those who are new to virtual events and don’t know how it will benefit you! Don’t worry this article will assist you with all the essential guidelines one must know about virtual events. What you have to do is, just sit back, sip a cup of coffee and see if these reasons are relatable to you or not! Let’s begin.

Here are a few advantages of virtual events that will make sure to curate satisfied sponsors, exhibitors and most importantly attendees:

Makes a good impression

As we all know- ‘The first impression is the last impression’ making your event look vibrant must be the primary goal. What is the first thing your event attendees will notice before enrolling in the event? Your registration form layout itself. So as an event planner, take account of creating the most worthwhile and personalized forms for your target audience. Now to cut you slack, here is what you need to do while curating your registration form layout-

1- Create an easy to use form so that your participants can register themselves hassle-free.

2- Use tools that can take easy payments.

3- Use tools that can provide you with quick data analytics of all your guests.

These tips will leave a mark on your event right before it begins and also enhance your attendees virtual journey throughout!

Offers you potential leads

After the pandemic hit us and gathering in public became the utmost concern for people, virtual events paved their way in the new normal. It not only enabled individual to meet their long distanced friends and families but also inclined big firms to generate qualified leads. Virtual events eliminated the word ‘Geographical restriction’ from the dictionary.

Today, many large companies are seen to crack bigger deals and get genuine leads from all over the world, thanks to virtual event platforms. It helped them manage leads in a much easier format while also allowing them to access vital information shared by clients at registration. Which indicates that going virtual can deduct all the hustle and bustle and get you more leads even after the event gets concluded.

Enhances the value of event sponsors and exhibitors.

An event is incomplete without its sponsors and exhibitors. They provide value to your event while making the program a big hit! Many of you must have observed that people do not discount exhibitors fees even after knowing that virtual tools are way cheaper than physical ones. Why? It is because of the value!

Virtual event software offers endless possibilities to build sponsorship packages to curate an equal share of profit to you and to your sponsors/exhibitors. Earlier when physical events were in trend, the expenses were countless, and also interaction with like-minded sponsors and exhibitors was hardly possible. But with virtual events, attendees can save time and money while also making an immersive interactive experience via features offered by the platform.

Better and improved feedback

No doubt, a physical event had its own charm but what it did not have was providing instant attendee feedback. Through virtual events, you can curate seamless feedback on the same date as your event. In fact, you can generate honest feedback during the event, how? By simply calculating engaging features like Live Polls, Live Q&As etc. Many organizations find these tools useful as it helps them plan for better events in the future. With these metrics, you can know how many attendees attended which session, at what time they join or leave the session, and also let you know which speaker got the highest engagement rate during the session.

Offers viable networking opportunities

Last but not the least, virtual events allow excellent ways to build powerful connections with like-minded people effortlessly. Earlier, in physical events getting in touch with potential clients was a tough call. You had to wait in a long queue to interact with event professionals or a keynote speaker which was very time consuming and results were not so productive. But virtual events eliminated all the long queues and hours of waiting.

Today, you can interact with people any time of the day at your convenience by simply scheduling a voice call or video call and get started with the conversation. You can also have a group or 1:1 communication via networking lounge functionality provided by a platform for the most immersive experience of all time.

Online events have been a great help for people who feel shy to ask questions in a public setting. So keep all your attendees engaged at their own pace by utilising interactive tools to generate small, specific discussions.

Over to you:

All in all, the benefits of going virtual are countless. Today, almost every big or small company is relying upon these kinds of events and why not? It has deducted all the restrictions that was once prevalent while conducting an offline event and gave people the opportunity to expand the business worldwide.

Whether you are a newbie in the world of virtual or Hybrid events or an experienced deyon, there is a lot more to know about virtual events which will help you organize the most worthwhile event throughout your event journey! We hope the above-mentioned advantages will help you get started and allow you to plan the most terrific virtual events in the future! Happy reading!

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