What Are The Best Practices For Laser Aftercare?

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For the fastest possible recovery, it makes sense to update the arsenal of cosmetics in advance, which will be required in the next two weeks after the laser. However, even outside the rehabilitation period, these soft and effective means will serve as a good help in skincare.

Indeed, laser procedures remove wrinkles, age spots, acne marks, blackheads, minor defects, and dilated blood vessels. They normalize sebum production and improve the appearance of the skin. That is why various methods of skin rejuvenation and skin improvement using lasers are so popular. With the availability of various clinics like a laser clinic Canberra.

In this following guide, we provide some caring tips necessary after the laser treatments. However, let first know more about laser treatment!

How to Prepare for a Laser Procedure?

The general rule that applies to laser treatments is to avoid sunburn in front of them. Patients should refrain from visiting the beach and solarium for at least four weeks before the session. A laser beam is light energy. And, the combination of tanning and laser will overload the skin, which can lead to inflammation, irritation, lengthening of the recovery period and the progression of ageing processes. The presence of a large amount of melanin pigment in the skin, which appears during tanning, can reduce the effectiveness of the laser action. It leads to the appearance of dark or light spots formed due to pigmentation disorders.

What Does the Skin Need After Laser Treatments?

During recovery after laser, and any other invasive and aggressive procedures, the skin needs special care and attention.

  • You need to keep the skin clean to avoid possible infections.
  • Adopting the calming effect, removal of edema.
  • Hyper Moistening
  • Antioxidants to accelerate recovery.
  • Sun protection.

Caring Tips After the Laser Treatments

Cleansing the Skin After Laser Procedures
On the one hand, you don’t want to touch your face once again, because irritated, laser-injured skin is stressed even from contact with tap water. On the other hand, mistakes in cleansing can lead to undesirable side effects of laser peels such as acne.

Well, cleansing is necessary. But it should be especially gentle. The choice is in favour of the product market for sensitive skin. There are various cleansing gel for face, eyes and lips. Make sure that all the products are suitable for sensitive skin and tested by dermatologists. Such cleansing products don’t require water and can remove dirt easily. After gentle cleansing, you need an alcohol-free toner. These are enriched with additional softening, soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

Sun Protection

Laser treatments are carried out in autumn, winter, or early spring, while there is no active sun. But the clouds still pass most of the UV rays. The skin of the field of laser procedures becomes more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays. And if you don’t protect your skin properly, laser resurfacing can lead to the appearance of age spots. If you go outside after a laser peel or other laser procedure, even on gloomy days, apply sunscreen to your face. The sunscreen of SPF 50 has a very light texture, which is instantly absorbed and not felt on the skin. It provides a high level of sun protection.

Reduce Swelling and Redness

After the procedure, especially if they affect the deep layers of the skin, redness and swelling of the skin occur, accompanied by pain and discomfort. Ice cubes can help relieve symptoms but avoid direct skin contact. Therefore, ice is placed in a cloth. You can use an ice heating pad. To reduce discomfort and swelling, you can apply cold compresses to the treated area of the skin for 10 minutes every hour for 1-2 days after the procedure.

Avoid Sports Activities

On the first day after the procedure, you should avoid stress, limit active sports, visit the gym, avoid jogging if there is a risk of getting an extra tan. You should not provoke strong sweating. Otherwise, the risk of infection in the pores increases. You also need to exclude hot baths, baths, saunas, sports training for two weeks.

Moisturise Your Treated Skin Properly

After each wash, you need to apply cream consisting of ointments. Applying such ointments to the area helps in healing and preventing infection. Once you stop using the ointment, you’ll need to keep the skin moisturized with approved lotions and protective skin care treatments.

Overall Takeaway!

Regardless of whether you’re planning a small mini=procedure or extensive treatment, following these recommendations will maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and avoid complications – inflammation, infection, irritation, and age spots.

With proper preparation and post-procedure care, laser exposure is perfectly tolerated and provides good results. Therefore, more and more patients from various cosmetic methods are adopting such technological ways to improve their skin condition. For example, the dermatologists of a clear skin clinic in Canberra are professional and proficient enough in correcting age spots and wrinkles through lasers. Hence, all you need to do is to choose a skilled staff for achieving effective results.