What Are Top 5 Jabra Headsets for Office Work?

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Jabra is a trademark of GN Netcom, the world leader in wireless communication technology. This Danish-based company has developed an ultra-high noise-cancelling microphone, a multi-functional amplifier and finally the world’s first analogue wireless JABRA headsets, and

Computers and headphones are indispensable in the office. You need to be especially responsible when choosing a headset. Poor quality products won’t allow normal negotiation, interference and noise effects will interfere. To avoid problems while solving business problems, it’s advisable to provide employees with Jabra office headsets.

Well, Jabra doesn’t only have a lot of experience in this area, they actually invented a product that is still successfully traded despite huge competition. At the same time, the company’s developers are constantly looking for new opportunities to win the sympathy of the consumer.

Its unique audio technology, developed according to innovation in the field of sound solutions, provides good audibility and isolation from extraneous factors. An incredible lightweight headset with a microphone allows you to have a conversation without being tied to the workplace. They’re almost weightless, respectively and imperceptible. 

However, choosing one reliable Jabra headset for your office work is quite complicated. And the reason for this is the high reliability of the brand. However, each headset has its unique properties and characteristics, which makes it a little easy in choosing the appropriate headset according to your preferences. So, whether you’re behind crystal clear sound or want more personal space, Jabra has everything.

In the following guide, we’ll mention the details of five Jabra headsets for office work.

Best 5 Jabra Headsets for Office Work

  • Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Bluetooth Wireless USB-A Headset

This high-quality Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Bluetooth Wireless USB-A headset is an excellent option for employees and other office workers. It has one of the better ranges for quality Jabra headsets with a 100 ft. Bluetooth Wireless ranges. Its noise-cancelling feature can block out the background noise, which further provides high-quality calls. The availability of a USB adapter in its box provides a smooth connection with PC and laptop. The maximum talk time is 37 hours with a single charge. This also makes it a great connection between employees and customers who need a quality Jabra headset that can block out all the surrounding noise.

  • Jabra Pro 920 Duo Wireless Headset

Jabra Pro 920 Mono is a Wireless DECT headset for desk phones. It is a more suitable choice for your mobile phone/tablet in addition to your desk phone. The headset is featured with a noise-cancelling feature that removes the background noise as well as protects the user against sudden high peaks in volume. 

Its remote call control provides you with the power to multitask and be protective. With a Jabra wireless audio device, it becomes easy to control your call even when you’re away from your desk. The wireless mobility of this headset is up to 120 meters/350 feet for controlling the Jabra hands-free solution with DECT technology. You can easily answer calls freely on your terms. The battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. 

  • Jabra Evolve 2 30 USB-A MS Teams Stereo Computer Headset

Recently, Jabra’s new Evolve 2 30 USB-A MS Teams Stereo headset is also an excellent option for people looking for a corded solution with nice built quality on a reasonable budget. Evolve2 30 Stereo provides amazing stereo sound quality, has noise-cancelling microphones, adjustable headband and volume controls on the right side of the headset. This unit comes with a built-in busy light, which can’t be found in most of the entry-level headsets. This extremely lightweight headset has leatherette ear cushions and an advanced design that allows the user to find a comfortable position for daily use. 

  • Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset System

Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset is the natural replacement of the venerable Jabra 9450 Duo. It provides smooth connectivity to your desk phone and computer through USB. This Jabra Engage 65 Stereo headset is lightweight and counted as the most comfortable device. It has a well-built design, adjustable headband volume/mute controls, noise-cancelling microphone, adjustable headband volume/mute controls and busy light into the microphone boom, allowing you to let you know when the user is a call. The maximum range is up to 490ft, has 83g weight, and 13 hours of talk time with fast charging of only 90 minutes.

  • Jabra Engage 75 Mono Wireless Headset 

This cordless Jabra headset is probably the most versatile and touts 5 device connectivity. The maximum wireless range of the headset is 490 feet. It has HD wideband sound capability, which further creates a higher sound quality. This provides a more satisfactory user experience and offers high-quality communication between employees and customers. 

Wrapping Up!

Jabra is the undisputed leader in sports and professional headsets. Its products are surprising in their variety and high quality. And the model is designed for easy connection and simple operation, both for quiet listening to music and in conditions of constant movement. But, even the perfect Jabra products have their undoubted leaders, the rating of which is at the highest level.

For choosing a Jabra headset, you can take help from professionals and enhance the productivity of your business.