What is a paddle switch and How does it work?

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A paddle switch is a switch that people use to detect or notice bunk material or powder, mainly in hoppers or silos. One uses a motor to rotate the paddle recurrently. The paddle rotation stops when the paddle gets into contact with the material or powder since it uses more force than the rotating torque.

The paddle switch is commonly used in grinding industries where the paddle handle is gripped to grasp the button that switches on the grinder. The grinder switches itself off in case of a lack of enough control of the paddle switch.

Many people like using paddle switches because it provides safety, easy to install, and requires less maintenance cost. The operation of the paddle switch depends on its medium or air resistance difference. Below is a diagram of a paddle switch;

This article will help you learn about the paddle switch, how it works, its features, some of its applications, and its disadvantages.

How to paddle switch operates

The operational status of the paddle switch is characterized by the resistance change of air in the rotating paddle switch. The rotation of the paddle switch drives electricity at a constant limit level of a 1Hz frequency.

The drive mounted around the hinge accelerates, switches the microswitch, and changes its position because of increased brakes of the product in the motor or rotation system. The drive then goes back to its work when the level of development in the rotation decreases. This is because of the force in the spring that triggers the motor to restart.

The paddle switch can also be used to treat water plants to detect whether there is soda ash in it. It automatically turns off in case of any problem because of the force that stops the motor before causing any mess.

When using a paddle switch in grinding industries, you should have some safety tips to avoid any risk that may result from the electric paddle switch. The precautions include;

i) Holding the paddle switch with both hands to monitor and ensure complete control of the grinder hence avoiding any harm.

ii) You should read and follow the instructions before using a paddle switch in grinding. The instructions are always indicated in the manual to help you know how the device operates and what is required.

iii) You should use a non-locking paddle switch to help you improve the development of the grinding machines and versatile tools.

iv) One should wear the proper attire to ensure their protection when using the paddle switch. Try to wear protective attire such as gloves and safety clothing.

Characteristics of a paddle switch

i) They come in different colors to enable you to choose the best for your style and lighting operations.

ii) Installation of a paddle switch is simple and takes less time as one doesn’t need to connect any new wires like other switches.

iii) Paddle switch has high quality since it is wider; thus can aim the machine with less focus.

iv) They are always durable. You can use your paddle switch for many years without having any complications.

v) Operations of paddle switches are characterized as functionality since one can use them with a lot of ease.

Applications of the paddle switch

i) A paddle switch is used in detecting and noticing the level of bulk materials or powder in various industries.

ii) It is also used in universal paddles to turn the lights on or off using an alarm, especially in silos containing heavy solid materials.

Advantages of the paddle switch

i) Provide safety
Using a paddle switch ensures the operator’s safety. Thus, he is assured of no harm that may result from it.

ii) Anyone can install it
A paddle switch is effortless to install. You don’t need an expert to install it for you can do it by yourself.

iii) No tool required for any setting
A paddle switch does not require any tool or wire to install or manage. Once you have installed it, you are good to go.

iv) It is to notice any failure
One can notice failures in the paddle switch without opening or disrupting it, and this is most beneficial to many people who are not engineers.

v) A paddle switch is covered with a robust plastic that is always transparent, thus providing easy visibility.

vi) It costs less
The paddle switch is a minor costly type of technology; thus, many people can afford to buy, install and maintain it.

Disadvantages of the paddle switch

i) You have to measure the units depending on the amount of power supply you have utilized.

ii) The motor can wear out when you use the paddle switch regularly. This is because of its mechanical design.

iii) Paddle switch cannot operate light solid materials.


A paddle switch is the best and cheap technological device one can use to detect the level of powder or bulk materials in a motor. It enhances the complete safety of the user and the machine, thus stopping any risk that might occur.