What is the average cost of coolsculpting?

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The CoolSculpting® technology is FDA-approved for fat reduction and body contouring in both men and women. The average cost of coolsculpting per area treated depends on your body size, the number of treatments you need, and which sites are being treated. Don’t worry, and we will help you understand your options during your free consultation.

The CoolSculpting® procedure takes about an hour per area and is performed in our office, which is convenient for most patients. We have a quick and comfortable recovery process, so you are back to life as usual soon after treatment. There are no significant risks associated with this treatment because it uses controlled cooling temperature to eliminate fat cells, not kill human tissue.

The cost of the CoolSculpting® procedure is competitive with health issues other fat reduction procedures and consistently less expensive than invasive liposuction. With hundreds of CoolSculpting® offices throughout the United States, you are sure to find one convenient for your needs.

What is CoolSculpting®? When you already know how much does coolsculpting cost it is easy work.

CoolSculpting® is a dynamic new technology that reduces stubborn fat by cooling it rather than freezing with the traditional cryolipolysis technique, damaging unwanted tissue. By reducing fat around your problem areas, such as the abdomen or thighs, you can get back into smaller-sized jeans and feel good about yourself again.

Cost of CoolSculpting® for Fat Reduction – Average Cost per Area*

Do you know how much does coolsculpting cost? Then we have you covered in this article.

Body Part / Number of Treatments** Men Women Thighs $1,000 – $1,500 $650– $750 Abdomen $1,500 – $2,000 N/A Love Handles (Obliques) $1,000 – $2,500 N/A Lower Back (Trave’s) $1,500 – $3,000 N/A Upper Arms (Biceps)

$700–$1,250 $550–$950

*All CoolSculpting® pricing is subject to change. If you find a lower advertised price elsewhere, please get in touch with us to verify the offer’s validity.

**Single area treatments: The pricing will vary based on which area is treated and how many treatments are needed per area. Please see your CoolSculpting® provider for more details.

How many coolsculpting sessions do I need?

 A great candidate for CoolSculpting® should be physically health and realistic in their expectations. We also require patients to be within 10 pounds of their ideal body weight at our practice before undergoing treatment. We use the Multi-Frequency Z-Cooling technique, which has been proven to provide faster results and better overall results.

The number of how much does coolsculpting cost treatments needed will vary from patient to patient, but many patients see improvement in reducing fat after one treatment. During your free consultation, we will determine if you could benefit from this non-surgical option. With proper diet and exercise, you can expect to see the best results possible.

The average number of CoolSculpting® treatments needed to see a notable reduction for the abdomen and love handles is 1-2 treatments, while areas such as the thighs typically require 2-4 treatments. Your final result will depend on your body type, genetics, the starting point (amount of fat), diet and

​ CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat with no downtime or recovery time! To achieve the greatest potential outcomes, a series of treatments will be recommended, so don’t wait any longer!

How does CoolSculpting® work?

The CoolSculpting® machine targets fat cells with controlled cooling that is carefully designed to eliminate them permanently. The technology provides an alternative method for those who are not candidates for surgery or other invasive procedures and provides a safe alternative to expensive and painful liposuction.

Freezing fat cells to kill them with cryolipolysis is incredibly dangerous because it can damage skin tissue in addition to the unwanted fat. CoolSculpting® has been clinically proven to be better than traditional cryolipolysis at a fat reduction without harming the skin. CoolSculpting® is used to target specific areas and shape the body.

Abdomen, love handles, hips/thighs, knees/legs

The results from CoolSculpting® are permanent. Fat cells that were frozen during treatment will never return to their pre-treatment size.

*Individual results may vary. The amount of fat reduction and number of treatments required for an individual patient depends upon the size, location and condition of the fat, and genetic factors and age. Consultations are offered to discuss your goals and treatment plan.

CoolSculpting® is one of the most exciting procedures we have at our practice because it offers patients an easy solution for stubborn fat that cannot be removed through diet and exercise alone.*

*Individual results may vary. The amount of fat reduction and number of treatments required for an individual patient depends upon the size, location and condition of the fat, and genetic factors and age. Consultations are offered to discuss your goals and treatment plan.


How long does cool sculpting take to work? Can you wear make-up after CoolSculpting treatments?

This is the number 1 question we get. The honest answer is “we don’t know” because every patient and body part has different needs. We know that some of our patients get great results after one treatment, while others may need several treatments. It also depends on the duration between the start of your treatment plan and your last CoolSculpting® treatment.

We have found that patients who say they can’t exercise tend to have a better experience with CoolSculpting than those who say they are very active.Many patients lose weight after their CoolSculpting treatments because they see results immediately, start to be more active, and change their diet. We’ve also seen patients continue to exercise and eat the way they were before but are happy with the reduced appearance of their bodies. When you know how much does coolsculpting cost it is easy for you.