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What is the Best Platform to use for Webinars?

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The term webinar is nothing new for the average event planner, marketer, or business owner these days.

Businesses, both small & large ones, & organizations, ranging from small nonprofits to large corporations, have all either hosted a webinar, or are planning to host a webinar in the coming days to months.

Webinars, with their scalability, security, safety, & cost effectiveness, are the primary choice of most companies to spread the word out about any new services, products, or launches to the general public.

However, the applications of webinar are not limited to just commercial avenues.

Many large companies & corporations utilize webinars to train new employees & perform the onboarding process for them.

As many conglomerates & Multinational companies have offices across the globe, webinars serve as an effective, cost-affordable way to communicate with teams sitting on either side of the world, & also to welcome new members of the team onboard.

Depending on your needs & requirements, the best webinar platform for you can mean different things.

However, there are certain factors that influence the kind of webinar platforms you will choose, based on the features & the ease-of-services that they provide to users.

In this article, we will cover some of the best webinar platforms to use for your own business based on their features, ease-of-use, adaptability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, & safety.

Read on to know more.

1. Mixhubb

Mixhubb is a highly adaptable, customizable, & scalable platform that provides virtual events, hybrid events, & webinar services to its users among others.

Its USPs include branded customized event environments, easy-to-setup & use backend, do-it-yourself booth, registrations, auditorium, & lobby designs, easy plug-and-play format, safety, security, & cost-effectiveness.

Owing to these amazing features, Mixhubb is also one of the best platforms to host webinars for small to medium sized businesses.

Mixhubb also provides easily accessible & understandable audience behavior insights with each of your webinars, that help you understand just what made your audiences tick & how you can use that information for your next webinar.

With easily deployable & manageable design solutions, easy-to-access backend, & do-it-yourself customizable webinar environments, Mixhubb truly offers the user all the power to create & design their webinar, their own way!

To get started with designing your webinar your own way with Mixhubb, simply visit their website, choose from the subscription options available there, & get set go towards webinar glory!

Noteworthy features include:

  • Easy tickets & registration management
  • Multi-stage setup & booth management
  • Easy user management
  • Studio-based streaming with high-quality audio & video generations
  • Platform based DIY streaming
  • Zoom integrations with customizable, branded frames & media insertions

2. Livestorm

LiveStorm is an efficient & outstanding webinar platform that provides a range of interactive & engaging webinar services to its user base.

It is an especially powerful & perfect webinar platform for the purpose of product demos & sales.

LiveStorm’s webinar software works on any browser notwithstanding the size of the webinar.

Your attendees can access the webinar from any of their devices; PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

LiveStorm supports live, on-demand, or automated webinars for sales, marketing, corporate training, employee onboarding process, etc.

Its USPs include excellent webinar marketing tools like email logistics that helps you send out promotional emails, automate those, check their status(i.e., received, read, or deleted), as well as allowing you the freedom to customize the emails according to your personal preferences.

LiveStorm is also a very secure webinar platform which is 100% GDPR compliant.

It also boasts of engaging features like live polling, Q&As sessions, & upvote functionality to increase attendee engagement & interaction on webinar sessions.

LiveStorm also makes it super ear for your attendees to join your webinar. They don’t have to download any app or install any separate software. They can simply click on the Join Webinar button to be let into the webinar.

How do you get started with Livestorm? Easy. Simply visit their website & pick out the best pricing plan for your requirements, & go!

Noteworthy features include:

  • Highly adaptable webinar themes with easy setup process
  • Exceptional automation services with respect to webinar sequences
  • Comprehensive, multi-language support
  • Some engagement features include one-click invitation, screen-sharing, embed registration forms, & much more
  • Unlimited recording storage
  • In-webinar integration with more than 1000 apps, including Zapier
  • In-webinar CTAs to attract attendee attention

3. Demio

Demio is another efficient & no-download webinar platform that also helps you with webinar marketing.

Demio provides its users with real-time, HD streaming video, along with an aesthetically pleasing platform.

The webinar platform can be fully customized to your needs & boasts of amazing features such as live & automated webinars, replays, registration, landing pages, etc.

Demio provides advanced webinar setup services, 24/7 chat, email support, unlimited webinars, storage space for upto 100 recordings, & efficient, in-depth webinar analysis.

Simply visit their website, choose from their various pricing plans, & get ready to plan your first webinar.

Noteworthy features include:

  • Automatic, cloud-based webinar platform with recordings
  • Audience engagement features like chat, polls, handouts, along with a great waiting room experience
  • Built-in analytics & insights
  • Easily integrable with a variety of marketing tools
  • Email automation services & email reminders to attendees

4. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is said to be the ‘most automated’ webinar platform of all time. It is built with direct integration to WebinarJam, the parent company sells them as different packages.

Its most eye-catching features include fully automated customer-activity based email connections, the ability to engage attendees in a loop, & complete setup for the entire webinar in just under 3 minutes.

It also automatically records each webinar session so that you can use the recordings as a separate piece of content on your other channels to retain potential leads.

Owing to these features, ease of setup, & hands-on functionality, EverWebinar is among the perfect webinar platforms for small & medium-sized businesses looking to generate more revenue & potential leads.

All you have to do is visit their website, pick out the subscription plan that suits your needs & requirements, & get going with your webinar.

Noteworthy features include:

  • Single-click platform swap between EverWebinar & WebinarJam
  • The ability to get performance counts in real-time
  • Easy conversion options to turn past live webinars into on-demand streaming sessions
  • Just-In-Time webinars that can be joined right at the time of registration
  • Advanced scheduling system that helps block out unavailable dates
  • Auto-detection of time-zones for user ease all across the globe
  • Unlimited free hosting via reliable, trustworthy, cloud-based servers

5. MyOwnConference

MyOwnConference is a webinar platform that helps you engage your audience before, during, and after the webinar.

Its most notable features include the very useful schedule viewer that helps attendees see multiple webinars in one place, along with the ‘always-on’ webinar room.

MyOwnConference’s webinar platform supports upto 20 attendees for free, however over that, you need to pay to use the platform.

However, its unique features & other capabilities widely undercut the overpricing bit.

Notable features include:

  • The option to record your webinars in full HD & send them to your attendees
  • Video conferencing & screen sharing feature for your team
  • Instant messaging options during ongoing sessions
  • No-download or additional installations needed
  • The option to easily share YouTube videos during your broadcast
  • Online quizzes that test your audiences’ knowledge before & after the session
  • Provides white-label solutions for agencies & brands
  • Multi-language support upto 16 languages
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