What Make the Oppo Smartwatch the Best Smartwatch in India?

best smartwatch

The Oppo smartwatch is an excellent wearable, with all the essential features of a smart device packed in. You get an all-day battery life, a smooth user interface, robust fitness functions and a superior user experience. The watch is a reliable device, and delivers what it promises, namely a performance that lasts. While this is the case with Oppo watches, the scenario of the Wear-OS watch isn’t exactly booming.

 Oppo’s smartwatch comes to the fore at a time which is interesting, though, as the primarily smartphone-centric brand makes a play for a wider ecosystem that includes wireless earphones and smartwatches. Critics call it a clone of the Apple Smartwatch, but then, anything could be called a clone of that particular wearable. 

Getting back to Oppo, the key to the success of the smartwatch by Oppo is in its execution and price. It has the ideal price-performance ratio, and for people who want affordable smartwatches in India, Oppo delivers commendably. Things that make this watch a good proposition has to do with the features and specifications of the watch at affordable price points. 

Oppo Smartwatch Design

At first glance, the Oppo smartwatch looks like a carbon copy of its Apple counterpart. Whether that’s important or not is entirely up to consumers, but most consumers claim the design is bold and quite beautiful. If, in fact, Oppo has copied the design, the company has done a proficient job of it. With looks that can make it the best smartwatch in India, it has a curved AMOLED display that seamlessly merges into the 6000-series aluminium frame. 

Housing two buttons on the side within the frame, one button is programmable. Adding visual flair, the programmable button has a green accent. This button also acts as the power menu key when you give it a long press. Both buttons on the smartwatch are easy on the fingers, and convenient app navigation takes place through them.

 An additional feature that appeals to users is the speaker on the left side of the watch. This aids in making calls and connecting to Google Assistant. So much said about the front panel, it’s time to talk about the rear of the watch. The rear panel is plastic, but strong in build. The central sensor that controls watch functions is ceramic, and this is what counts. With all this, the watch is lightweight, and this feature is also attractive to users. 

Display Specifics

The feature that stands out the most about the Oppo smartwatch is the display. The AMOLED high-resolution screen is amazingly bright, without disturbing your vision. Additionally, a brighter display translates to incredible visibility when users are outdoors. Icons show beautifully, almost floating off the curved edges of the watch, and users adore this feature. According to Oppo, the smartwatch’s inherent ambient light sensor is what makes this watch shine. 

The ability to gauge the atmosphere and emanate light is what makes the watch tech-savvy and very desirable. The display also makes the watch look like you’re wearing a luxury device. The construction has a bulky look, but manages high-end appeal. Consumers feel that this element of the watch motivates people to call it the ‘best smartwatch’. 

Performance of the Oppo Smartwatch

The smartwatch from Oppo offers excellent performance, and you can expect it to function well for you. It is a modern Wear OS smartwatch that doesn’t exhibit any hiccups or frame drops. It has a fluid 1GB RAM that conducts tasks with ease, and switching apps is smooth. Furthermore, internal storage is sufficient for app data and music. 

The Oppo smartwatch has thought of everything, as you also get GPS and NFC support. The latter can be used to make payments without contact. Moreover, you get additional sensors that constitute a gyroscope and an accelerometer. 

Updated Software and Powerful Battery

Recently, the Oppo smartwatch went through the Wear OS H-MR2 software update for smartwatches, and received significant improvements because of it. Much-appreciated enhancements include the latest faces, performance boosts and super-powered battery life. However, by far, the greatest improvement with the update is the ability of the smartwatch to track sleep at any time of the day. 

This has a lot to do with the smartwatch’s powerful battery. The 430mAh battery works while you sleep, tracking your sleep pattern. Users claim they get 24 hours of use with the battery, and with lighter workloads, possibly close to another half-day of use. The watch also has a power save mode if you go off the grid. 

This makes the battery last even longer. In the power save mode, you’ll get a basic clock face and a few fitness functions. Nonetheless, you can still receive message notifications, check the time, track heart rate and steps reliably. 

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