What to do when you get rejected online?

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Online dating has become a common phenomenon for people of all ages. They can check out their options via chat messenger apps or online dating apps. People who are a little shy and reserved face-to-face can be more daring while dating online. NEEO Messenger’s real-time chat translation feature helps users communicate with foreigners with ease. It translates over a hundred languages in both text and audio form. But just as easy as it has become to pick and choose, then get involved, it’s just as easy to dump someone online. It seems morally wrong to be so callous with someone’s feelings, but some would say it’s less cruel than breaking up with them in person. But the one who suffers rejection knows what it feels like to be broken up with by someone online. Those who get dumped online often end up suffering from very low self-esteem. Below are some tips that will help you deal with an online rejection in the best way possible;

  1. It is more about them than about you:

First of all, if someone breaks up with you, don’t hold yourself responsible for it! The person you were dating might have had their issues. Maybe this person felt overshadowed by your achievements, or they were afraid to get too involved due to past experiences. Don’t lose sleep thinking about what you might have done to make them walk out on you. Only reflect on what happened and how you can keep yourself from getting hurt the same way in the future.

  • Harboring bitterness spoils your personality:

The opposite of hate is love and, when you get dumped by someone you claim to have loved, you feel your hatred towards them is justified. But such thoughts are damaging and self-destructive. Instead of healing, you might end up ruining prospects of happiness with another partner. Harboring bitter feelings for anyone, let alone someone who dumped you online, will keep you from living life to the fullest. If someone leaves you, whether online or in-person, don’t give them a reaction. This person was not worth your love, and so he isn’t worth your hate either.

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  • Move forward once you’re ready:

You’d think multiple rejections would have made you harder to break but what happens is the opposite of this. You become more and more cautious while starting something new. On the other hand, you might become too hasty to get into something. And unless you give yourself proper time, you’ll end up getting into a rebound relationship. Such impulsive decisions lead to further heartbreak because you are taking someone else’s support to heal. And if this person leaves you too, you end up feeling more shattered than before.

  • Don’t exploit someone else in the process:

Resentment can make you do a lot of things you might regret later. When you are angry and frustrated, several thoughts cross your mind. You feel like taking revenge on the person who hurt you, so you get into a new relationship just to let make him jealous. You fill up your social media newsfeed with pictures and videos of you with your new partner only to get attention from your ex. But in that flow, you end up hurting the person who is genuinely interested in you. Think about what this person will go through if they get to know your real intentions. Use your chat messenger app to talk to a sincere friend if you wish to recover from heartbreak.

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  • Occupy yourself with productive activities:

It’s important to give yourself time to heal, but this doesn’t mean you go into a mourning phase. Don’t be hasty to get into a new relationship but continue living as you were before it all happened. Try to look for ways to channelize the pain and frustration productively. Occupy yourself with a hobby or learn a new skill. Do something you love that gives you peace of mind. Learn a new language by chatting with a foreign friend online using NEEO’s real-time chat translation feature. When someone breaks up with you, it’s not the end of the world. Every unsuccessful relationship helps you realize what you truly want from a serious commitment. Several people will come and go, but they’ll all teach you something, either intentionally or unintentionally. Use NEEO, the chat messenger app, to make friends who are always there for you in times of distress. The real-time chat translation feature will help you connect with people in other parts of the world who are going through similar experiences. Talking to them will help you realize you’re not the only one and that several people are dealing with heartbreak. When you face rejection but live through it and come out stronger, you can guide others when they go through similar experiences.