Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, which one to choose?

difference between whatsapp and whatsapp business

Here are the differences between the regular version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and why you should prefer one or the other

Besides the normal version of WhatsApp (also called WhatsApp Messenger ) there is also WhatsApp Business , a version with some more features designed for business users. But what are the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and why is it better to use one rather than the other?

In the past, business owners and small businesses used the normal version of WhatsApp to manage communications with customers as well, but with WhatsApp Business it becomes much easier because it offers several functions that are not present in the other.

Both apps are free and have a very similar interface, and the registration process is also similar. But there are differences and I am going to illustrate to you.

What’s more WhatsApp Business has than the regular version

difference between whatsapp and whatsapp business

Here are the features that you find in WhatsApp Business and that are not present in the standard version.

1 – Company profile

With WhatsApp Business you can create a profile very similar to Facebook pages, with all the useful information for customers, such as the location of the business, a description, logo, website and contact details.

2 – Catalog

In WhatsApp Business you can upload a catalogue with your products. The catalogue with offers can be browsed through the app without having to go to the website. You can use the catalogue to launch a new product line or advertise the most popular ones.

3 – Direct link and QR code

You can create a link or QR code that customers can scan to send you direct messages, making it easier to contact you.

4 – Welcome message

You can set a default greeting for customers who contact you for the first time. In this message you can for example enter information about your business. You can also send a predefined message to someone who has already started a chat but hasn’t been heard in 14 days.

5 – Quick answers

You can save answers you use frequently and quickly reuse them when needed. To send a quick reply just type “ / ” followed by the keyboard shortcut you assigned to the default reply. Basically you set a keyword for each quick answer you save and use to quickly recall it.

6 – Absence message

With e-mail you can set up automatic replies when you are absent, or because you are on vacation or are away for work. In WhatsApp Business there is also this possibility with absence messages when you are not online.

To set up an away message you need to go to Settings – Tools . You can then choose whether to always send the message or only at certain times, such as when your business is not open. You can also choose to whom the absence message should be sent: to everyone, only to some or even only to those who are not part of the contacts.

7 – Labels

To organise chats with customers in WhatsApp Business you can use labels, a bit like with emails. With labels, you can find the messages you need more easily. The labels can be customised with a colour and a name: you can create a maximum of 20 . You can add a label to a chat, group, or individual messages in a chat.

8 – Statistics

In WhatsApp business you have the ability to check usage statistics and thus monitor the involvement of your customers.

Although these features are designed for a business user, some can also be useful for normal people such as absence messages. You could also use WhatsApp Business to manage visitors to your personal blog. Now that you know more, you can choose whether to continue using the standard version of WhatsApp or switch to WhatsApp Business. Unfortunately, you cannot use both with the same phone number. In case you want to use both you should get a second sim.