Which are the Top Preschools in Ahmedabad?

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About Ahmedabad 

Gujarat’s largest district, also known as Karnavati, is located in the Indian state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad came in the third position on Forbes’ list of the ten fastest-growing cities of the decade in 2011. The Times of India called this city the best city to live in in 2012. In 2017, Ahmedabad’s gross domestic product (GDP) was expected to be about $68 billion.

The Indian government designated this state as a smart city, and UNESCO designated the city as a world heritage site, due to its rapid development. Furthermore, the majority of Ahmedabad residents are stereotyped as entrepreneurs, which is a positive stereotype.

What is a preschool?

Kindergarten, also known as an infant school, pre-primary school, or playschool, is an educational institution or learning space that provides early childhood development to young kids before they enter into compulsory education at primary school. It can be run publicly or privately, and it can be subsidized with public funds.

It also birthmarks the start of the most crucial years of education. The first three years of a child’s life are crucial for language development, socialization, and learning attitudes. Humans are capable of absorbing a large amount of knowledge during their early years, particularly during the first 3 to 5 years.

In the early years of life, the brain grows at its fastest. Teachers who are qualified and well-trained, as well as preschools that have developmentally appropriate programs, may have a long-term impact on children’s learning outcomes.

Top 5 Preschools in Ahmedabad

1)Global Indian International School (GIIS)

GIIS provides an award-winning curriculum that combines the Montessori method with the quality standards of pre-school education today. That would be the only international pre-school framework of its kind, developed by GIIS, and it is built on five strong fundamentals that will provide Preschoolers with a strong foundation in language, math, and science as they commence their academic careers. GIIS is the BestSchool in Ahmedabad.


Ninos is part of Khyati Group’s Education vertical and has about 8 centers in Ahmedabad. The classrooms are bright, spacious, and airy, and are intended to appeal to toddlers. The teachers have received extensive training in the International Kindergarten Program and Montessori methods. When teaching children, they take a child-centered approach.

They are compassionate and psychologically connect themselves to young kids to make children feel at ease. Their program is based on the eight domains of the International Kindergarten program, which tends to focus on a child’s developmental process. The program takes a balanced approach to art, sports, music, and education.


Rangoli strives to have a learning experience that is both enjoyable and motivating for the children. The activities are designed to concentrate on various developmental areas such as socio-emotional, artistic, language, cognitive, physical, intellectual, and moral growth. The school’s teachers have several well-planned opportunities to assist the students in meeting their development objectives. Observing and assessing each child’s growth regularly enables the student to reach his or her maximum potential.

4)Olive Green Elementary School

Olive Green Kids School is a well-known pre-school which has locations in Navrangpura and Bodakdev. It provides a pollution-free and peaceful atmosphere, as well as indoor and outdoor activities as part of the education. Teachers are well-trained and the classes are technologically advanced.


Kalorex is a brand that is synonymous with quality learning. It focuses on sustainable development which is vital and achieves success in all areas of life. Since its establishment in 1995, Kalorex has been a professionally run autonomous institution concentrating its activities on K-12 education.

6)Shanti Hopscotch

Shanti’s Hopskotch is a quality kindergarten chain that began in 2014 and has since educated over 500 students in various locations across Ahmedabad. Hopscotch appeals to a specific group of people who want their children to have access to high-quality education, a clean climate, and an international educational experience.

Why choose a preschool here?

Numerous studies have found that attending preschool in Ahmedabad provides small children an advantage in all areas of learning, including not only academics but also communication skills, having to listen, trying to plan, and self-control. Ahmedabad’s (population 5.7 million) early childhood care and education (ECCE) sector is humming with activity.

Many parents also opt for preschools because these schools are free from government activity and the fee is reasonable. The number of playschools in Ahmedabad has increased dramatically over the last decade. Nursery schools in Ahmedabad now provide a safe and stress-free environment for children to learn new things. To encourage working couples, preschools here also offer day-care and after-school care.


We must enroll our children in the best schools possible because education has the power to make or break a person. Choose institutions that are affiliated with elite colleges like Oxford and Stanford so that your children can pursue his or her training with ease. Also, look for schooling that can teach your child how to be street smart instead of book smart.

Look for schools that offer scholarships, such as (GIIS) Global Indian International School, if you’re worried about not having enough money to pay for your child’s higher education. Nonetheless, your child’s happiness is paramount, so make sure he or she is comfortable in the school where they are enrolled.