Which Type of Flowers Should Give on Girlfriend’s Birthday?

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Remembering your girlfriend’s birthday is one thing while sending proper flowers is another. That is why you need to take your time to decide what you want to get her on her birthday. Although it may seem hard to find impressive gifts for her birthday, you will find the best gift for her if you look around carefully. No need to repeat gifts when you can choose to get her wonderful birthday flowers for your girlfriend from the best flower delivery Cyprus company – Cosmea Garden flower and gift delivery. 

To pamper your girlfriend on her birthday with birthday flowers, we have a few ideas lined up. Honestly speaking, every girl finds many impressive flowers, but you need to get it right to make her birthday special in every sense of it. Continue reading to learn first hand which flowers girls love most as birthday flowers. 

What are the Best Bunches for Girlfriend on Her Birthday? 

The options are endless when choosing flowers for any occasion that you are planning to have. But if you want to make a great impression on your girlfriend, then ordering from reputable flower delivery Cyprus companies is a splendid idea. The reason being that flower deliveries have all the flowers that are not easily found at your local florist store. With so many beautiful flowers for your girlfriend, we have narrowed down the search for you with these beautiful blooms and arrangements. 


I am sure that all women will agree that roses are the best romantic flowers of all time. What makes these flowers beautiful in every way are their uniquely shaped blooms that are available in numerous hues, making them vibrant. Red in roses conveys passionate love; this means that they are perfect for those who have been in a relationship for a long time and are ready to move to the next level. 

The number of stems also matters when given ad gifts. If you are not sure which type of rose will work well, you can inquire from the online flower delivery service you intend to order flowers from. They will give you a list of their best-selling birthday roses. If your relationship has barely stayed for a month or two, then ghee best rose bunches will be pink ones. 

You can also go for a mixed bouquet with several color roses and other flower types such as tulips or carnations. Before sending any kind of rose flower to your girlfriend, it’s a good idea to ask what each color means. Red roses signify passionate love, while pink ones represent care and affection. Yellow roses are usually sent to friends to express gratitude. 

Other Romantic Flowers for Girlfriend 

Besides roses, other flowers are deemed romantic. If you feel like you have been doing roses for a while now and you want to try new bunches, here are several flowers for you to try out as birthday flowers for your girlfriend:


If any flowers were created to bring good cheer to anyone laying eyes on them, gerbera daisies are the ones. These flowers have several hues that make them vibrant and quite attractive. They make the perfect bunch send it to a girlfriend who is having a birthday. They look even better when placed in a vase or a container. Your girlfriend will love them in red or pink, depending on how old your relationship is. Accompanying this gift with a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine will make her feel like the luckiest girl on earth. 


Lilies are not only gorgeous, but they also have this alluring fragrance that is quite pleasant. You can also get these flowers in a wide range of colors, including purple, white, and yellow. Presenting them as a mixed bouquet on your girlfriend’s birthday will make her feel like a queen. Whatever suits your girlfriend’s tastes, lilies will surely provide. They also come in different sizes where small ones look perfect in a bouquet while large ones seem presentable in a basket. 


Given the right care and attention, the orchid flower can bloom for a long time. Orchids are wild, delicate, and exotic, but they are also surprisingly good indoor plants. In fact, it is one of the most popular indoor plants in the UK today. They are elegant, delicate, and beautiful, making perfect romantic birthday flowers for your love about celebrating a special milestone birthday like 30 years. Make your girlfriend feel like a queen with these royal flowers. 


Your girlfriend means the world to you, and I am sure that you are willing to go through anything to make her happy. On her birthday, these floral gifts will cheer her up no matter what she is going through. You can make these flowers for your love look even better by including sweet treats like chocolates or a bottle of wine.