Who to turn to when you’re feeling lonely?

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Have you ever found yourself trapped in a situation where you feel utterly hopeless?! It seems as if nothing and no one can help you find a solution to your problems. You think no one will understand you but, you’re still desperate to pour your heart out to someone?! Use NEEO Messenger, a video calling app, to connect with someone you trust. In your vulnerable moments, you should communicate with someone reliable. The app also has a meet nearby people feature that helps you locate other NEEO users in your vicinity and beyond. So, not only can you connect with them online, you can even physically pay a visit to your online friends. Given below are some of the ways you can keep yourself from drowning in the sea of loneliness:

  1. Find friends in your neighborhood:

With a long list of online friends, it might be hard to decide who to get in touch with first. Start by connecting with people who live in the same area. You’ll have more things in common with them, and that will make the conversation feel smoother. If you’re new in the neighborhood and aren’t acquainted with anyone yet, use NEEO’s meet nearby people feature to locate users who live near you. You never know, when you’re feeling lonely, someone else might need genuine assistance. Helping them out in some way will lift your spirits.

  1. Talk to your special friend:

There’s always at least one person you can rely on whenever you’re in need. You might not have labeled this person as your best friend, but you know they’ve always been there for you emotionally. When you’re drowning in a stream of painful thoughts, you feel like a stranger in an alien world. But hey! Put those thoughts on hold for a while and think hard. Is there no one at all who can understand you? The answer will come to you itself.

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  • Ring up family:

If you’ve been living away from family for a long time, you might think they’ve grown emotionally distant from you. But it isn’t true because blood relations don’t fade away with physical distances. When you’re feeling low and lonely, ring up a parent, sibling, or some other close relative. Ask how they’ve been and let them know how you miss being with them. Make a call using your video calling app so you can see this person and feel closer to them. There are always people in the family who are there for you through thick and thin. Try to be there for them too.

  • Share a memory with an old friend:

You might be experiencing loneliness for several reasons. Perhaps you’re going through a break-up, or maybe your best friend left the country for higher studies. Just know that the world doesn’t come to an end if one person isn’t around. There must be several people in your online friends’ list, including school/college fellows or ex-colleagues who always ‘like’ or ‘love’ your posts. Share a picture or a video with them through NEEO’s file-sharing feature to remind them of good times.

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  • Put up a post on social media:

If you’re feeling not just lonely but also bored, try doing something creative! Share your thoughts or post a question on your social media wall. You’ll find many people feel just as you do. Connect with these people using NEEO’s Instant Messaging feature. Use the exciting range of stickers available to make your chat more fun and expressive. A creative social media post can help you get lots of attention and applaud too.

  • Come out of your comfort zone:

Personal growth requires meeting new people and making new friends. Coming out of your comfort zone is necessary for any form of development, personal or professional. You don’t have to worry sick looking for opportunities but keep your mind open. For instance, if you have one or two close friends, your bond with them should not keep you from making new friends. If you come across interesting people, don’t feel shy to extend a hand of friendship.

Victims of trauma often struggle with mental health problems even after a considerable amount of time has elapsed since the traumatic incident took place. Such patients often experience anxiety, especially when something triggers a pleasant memory related to the trauma. Post an update on social media regarding the challenges you are facing on your way to recovery. You will be surprised to know that you are not fighting your battles alone and that others are going through similar experiences. You can connect with others who are in the same boat as you by chatting with them using NEEO IM (Instant Messaging).

It’s safe to say that loneliness is just a state of mind. With so many living creatures in the world, how can one be lonely? For some reason, if you can’t go out and find people to interact with, you can always use your video calling app to connect with your loved ones. And if they aren’t available, use NEEO Messenger’s meet nearby people feature to look for new friends. It’s never too late to form new bonds and cherish them while you’re still alive and breathing.