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Why We Buy Homes Indianapolis Should be your priority to Buy a Home in Indianapolis

I’ve always been an advocate of homeownership. No exceptions. I dug right into the National Association of Realtors data on homeownership for anyone that’s interested. It was interesting.

For Thebes writers, homeownership is improving simply as the naysayers for so many years; and is the single best path to financial security that we know.

What’s holding people back is not just the financial. Lifestyle must also be replaced, as well. The biggest reason that homeowners fail to buy is a lack of lifestyle.

Some wanted to keep their money where it was. Others weren’t sure what the state of their finances was. And, many simply weren’t ready for the responsibilities of home ownership.

We know all about that. But how about the ramifications of that? How would home ownership improve your quality of life?

Well, let’s take a look. Everything from the cost of living to the availability of money is directly affected by homeownership. And nothing improves the availability of money – nothing else. I can cite many taxes and benefits on a loan, what happens with a house, and how its value grows over time (even in a recession), but nothing compares to the creation of available funds by owning a home.

And, aside from the financial side of things, it’s not just about a nice house and a big mortgage. A good home can increase your paycheck.

It can also get you out of those old rental situations that only prized financial freedom could provide. The landlord beat you up because you’re new at it, and that was the only way. It doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

Borrowing against your equity, especially now, even if interest rates are low, can put thousands of dollars in your pocket over the years. It’s free money no matter what you do with it, and in most cases it’s tax free, an investment for generation to come. And, a good home can put you in the right path. With all the money flowing in, it’s the best investment of them all.

How’s that for free?

There are other reasons to buy, that don’t have to do with money. Appreciation, for one. Any place you buy is going to appreciate over a period of time. At least double or triple, it’ll be worth more than the loan on it at the end of the day.

Tax breaks are the secondary reason. Appreciation and tax breaks can nearly always be taken care of through a 1031 tax-free exchange after retirement, leaving you more money and having more of the things that you want.

The bottom line is that home ownership Indianapolis Areas include thorough and comprehensive housing counseling. The American Association of Residential & Commercial REALTORS(HARORS) is made up of professionals who understand the Indianapolis real estate market, including how much you might actually be able to invest, what they’re going to cost for them, and what their long term implications are.

That’s all because a lot of us are still living with a couple of old ideas about the American Dream.

We’re not going to own our home. Or perhaps it doesn’t matter. Protecting and enhancing our families’ lifestyles and creating material possession that we can take with us — that is important. And that can all happen without the hassle, stress, and expense of owning a home.

Best Home Buying Advice developed by The National Association Of REALTORS In partnership with Indianapolis Area Home Builders. All sources provided by The NAHB.

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