English Grammar Rules That Will Help You Speak Fluently

English Grammar Rules

Imagine that someone is trying to build a house with wood but no nails, screws or glue. Here how would the structure hold together? The building would simply fall to small pieces. That’s what it’s like to speak in English without having proper grammar knowledge. Without having a proper grammar knowledge, each sentence is just like a jumbled pile of words. English grammar is one of the most important elements of language study.

It is also one of the most complex and difficult. This is huge problem for most of the English learners as well as speakers. There are many English speaking course which can help you to speak the language fluently.

There are many English language learners who tend to know all about the grammar rules but have zero confidence with their usage. The result from it is they face a lot of problems when it comes to speaking English fluently.

English Grammar is the idiosyncratic and somewhat mysterious backbone that makes the language truly unique from every other language so it is often also the hardest subject to grasp upon. 

English grammar 

English grammar is very different from Spanish grammar as well as Chinese grammar. As a result, the structuring of sentences becomes very different as well as it is very difficult to learn.

Having an intellectual understanding of grammar can be helpful for some learners, but for others, it’s more about repetition, memorization, and getting idiomatic phrases onto their tongues through various fluent English online course.

Problems in learning English grammar

Basic Spoken English course in an English School generally discourages the students from studying too much grammar. The reasons are:

  • Studying English grammar is not how a person learned the language as a child. It is very difficult to work upon.
  • There are far too many grammar rules to learn here. Most of the grammar rules generally have exceptions as well as exceptions to those exceptions. A person generally cannot all these rules at once.
  • Even if a person makes small mistakes in grammar, if they speak the language clearly and confidently most people will understand it. The grammar does not have to be perfect on speaking.
  • If someone processes grammar rules every time they speak, it would also not look natural or even fluent. 

Ways to Improve Spoken English

The goal is for speaking fluent English that like most other native speakers, the person don’t really have to learn each of the grammatical piece. The reason for this is  it is a failed, old method of learning to speak fluent English. However, in order to start speaking English, there are some basic grammar concepts that should be learned.

If a person has taken lessons from school or from best English speaking course online, they probably would know these.

But it is always good to look at the core concepts of English grammar once in every few months. The more time a person will spend practicing conversational English with a native teacher or through English teacher online India, the better they would start understanding the grammar rules which are important for speaking fluent English.


English grammar is always difficult for students to grasp. However, rather than focusing only on grammar, through conversation, students can learn the proper sentence structure as well as basic rules for English grammar. Doing conversation in English with others is the key to learning the language.

They should always remember that self-confidence is the key to learning to learning to speak English fluently. If a person doesn’t have enough confidence, they won’t be able to speak with anyone for the fear of making a mistake in speaking. Everyone makes mistakes, even the people who are born in English speaking countries.