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How to Reinstall PC Matic?

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If you have successfully removed PC Matic antivirus then reinstall PC Matic again to pc security. Repeat the process to install PC Matic on Windows

  • Go to Pc Matic Official website
  • Open Download Section
  • Click on download Pc Matic
  • Once the download is completed.
  • Click twice on it to open the document.
  • Windows will prompt for permission
  • Select “Yes”
  • Follow the steps on screen to install the PC Matic

How in Downloading PC Matic setup file

The first step is to have to first download your PC Matic setup file after which you’ll be able to install the software on your device. You can download this setup from the website of the manufacturer.

  • Visit the official site
  • Choose whether you wish to install PC Matic for Home or Business.
  • Scroll down until you reach the Download button.
  • The download will automatically begin while the set-up file is going to be download in the folder Downloads.

How to Steps to PC Matic in your system

Once the setup file has been successfully downloaded Follow the steps in the following steps to download and install PC Matic on Windows PC.

  • Visit your system’s download and look for PC Matic setup file.
  • The file will be named something like pcmatic-setup-xxxx.exe. Double-click the file.
  • The permission you have to run this application in your system will be sought. You must grant the permission requested to continue the installation.
  • In the User Account Control screen Choose Yes..
  • Choose the language you wish to use during installation. English is chosen to be the language of default used during the installation.
  • Review the license agreement thoroughly and then click the ‘I agree with the terms of the agreement‘ box.
  • Next, press the Next button.
  • Choose the destination folder in which you would like the files to be placed and then press the “Next.
  • Choose whether you would like an icon on the desktop , or not.
  • Click the Install button to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen directions and then click at the button Finish in order to complete your installation and then close the window for installation.

How do I add a device to PC Matic Account?

  • It is possible for adding a PC the PC Matic account.
  • Visit the gadget you’ll need to connect and download the PC-based matic programming on the site of power.
  • Navigate to the territory you downloaded after the download process completed.
  • Two taps are required in your PC Matic recording of arrangement to initiate the establishment process.
  • After a successful setup, you can launch the application to your PC and press the sign in button.
  • Enter the username for privilege and secret password in the appropriate field. Click on the button to log in.
  • You’ve now added a gadget to your account of your PC Matic. Additionally, you can add additional tools to your PC Matic account.

How do I add programs to my PC Matic Whitelist?

  1. Find the system plate that is associated with your particular situation, and then right-click the green shield image.
  2. Select the Protection Level Other option. You will need to configure the blocking notification method to prompt for override (advanced).
  3. Now, dispatch the SuperShield/preventing screen and use the Always Allow Button to add a program to the Whitelist using PC Matic Login.

PC Matic Review

PC Matic isn’t your normal antivirus software. Instead of relying on the boycott of malware that is known to be harmful as most antiviruses do the antivirus program of PC Matic comes with an “whitelist” of the most well-known real projects and it blocks any software that isn’t in the whitelist.

PC Matic additionally incorporates a permanent insurance feature — that, while a bit annoying it is not mandatory.

I was curious about whether PC Matic’s unique method to handle malware recognition actually worked and so I tested PC Matic against a wide variety of malware, such as trojans, infections, and ransomware. I also analyzed its other features, usability, and generally speaking , the value.

In my tests PC Matic’s malware-discovery percentage was 100%which is sufficient, it prevented a number of legitimate projects.

Another problem has to do with the fact it’s that PC Matic doesn’t have a substantial number of the additional web security features that are that rival brands offer for example, the VPN (a online private company) or a secret word administrator as well as parental control.

However, I do prefer PC Matic’s PC streamlining tools, which check for driver refreshes, clean garbage records, defragment the hard plates, and run numerous other cleanup tasks for the framework.

I like it also the ease of being able to use PC Matic’s mobile application (Android only) regardless of its fact that it may be an overly essential for clients with the latest technology. However I’m disappointed because PC Matic doesn’t yet have an application that is portable for iOS. It’s not like PC Matic can contend with the top antivirus programs by 2021.

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